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About me

I'm a web developer, DJ and soul music collector currently living in Gothenburg, Sweden. At the time of writing I'm employed at Dotnet Mentor where I work as a consultant primarily focusing on web development on the .Net platform. I'm a proud member and co-founder of the GOSA - Gothenburg Open Source Alliance and Alt.Net Göteborg networks. I believe in Open Source "everything" and continuous improvement!

You can download the Swedish version of my curriculum vitae right here. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader or any other PDF reader to view the document.

A record in focus

A.J. Brown - "Making Love Together"

Making Love Together is a seriously rare and heavy piece of soul that was recorded in 1980 and released on Jamaican recordlabel Maestro Music. A true masterpiece and is not to be missed.

Why ´77 Dynamite?

The name ´77 Dynamite is a reference to the punchline of one of my favourite records of all time. The record in question features the fantastic song Give In by Norris Vines & the Luvlines and is nothing less then a true soul anthem. It was released in 1976 on the Canadian recordlabel Smile. On the label of the named disc you find the words "´77 Dynamite" written in big, red and juicy letters next to the logo. Being a favourite of mine and a top quality record I figured I'd better steal the name for the site.